Socorro ISD students gain skills and first-hand knowledge of Texas history at leadership camps



This year, 12 Socorro ISD Grades 4 to 8 participated in the Lone Star Leadership Academy 2021 camps organized by Education in Action.

The students were among the 736 outstanding academics who were nominated by an educator based on their leadership ability, academic achievement, and involvement in school and / or community activities.

The camps were run by former students for a week in the summer of 2021 in various cities in Texas including Dallas / Fort Worth, Austin / San Antonio and Houston / Galveston.

Students develop leadership skills in the camps while learning about Texas history and discovering a wide variety of unique careers.

Daniela Mendez, an eighth grade student at Hurshel Antwine Middle School, attended Camp Austin / San Antonio where she said she gained valuable knowledge and leadership skills which she now applies in her daily education.

“After receiving the initial invitation, I looked at it and saw it as a tremendous opportunity for my future and to learn more about the history of Texas,” Mendez said.

Hurshel Antwine Middle School Principal Patricia Fernandez said she named Mendez because from the first day she met her, she knew she was a natural leader.

“When the opportunity arose to nominate our fellows for the Lone Star Leadership Academy, I knew she had to be one of them,” Fernandez said. “Daniela excels in all the opportunities presented to her. She really goes to great places.

Some of the sites the students were able to visit included the offices of participating state legislators at the Texas State Capitol in Austin, The Alamo in San Antonio, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Center in Houston.

Participants discussed what they learned, performed problem solving and decision making simulations, got creative and practiced their presentation skills in leadership groups.

Additionally, participants were able to bond with other ambitious students and make new friends while adding their academic results to their resumes and bringing home a wealth of information to complement what they are learning. at school.

David Lujan, a fifth-grade student at James P. Butler who attended the Dallas / Fort Worth camp, said he had a blast and made lots of new friends.

“I really liked the camp and will make it my goal to be invited to the other two camps,” said Lujan.

He said he has learned new leadership skills, which he looks forward to implementing in school and sharing with other students.

“It’s important to be a good leader because if people admire you, you should be a good example for them,” he said.

District officials say promoting student participation in events such as Lone Star Leadership Academy camps is just one of the many ways Socorro ISD is helping prepare its students to become the leaders of tomorrow. .

Mendez said she feels encouraged by opportunities like this that her school administration and the district are promoting for students to improve for the future.

“It’s heartwarming to know that there is always someone by your side, pushing you to your limits, believing that you could do more,” Mendez said. “It helps you want to be a leader among your peers. “

Lone Star Leadership Academy 2021 Camp Participants *

Ethan Chavez – Grade 5, Jane A. Hambric School

Clark Haleigh – Grade 8, Sun Ridge Middle School

Christopher Gamez – Grade 6, Horizon Heights Elementary School

Ethan Gibbs – Grade 5, Jane A. Hambric School

Genesis Hernandez – Grade 5, Jane A. Hambric School

Sophia Howard – Grade 5, James P. Butler Elementary School

Isabel Lopez – 5th grade, Elfida Chavez Primary School

David Lujan – Grade 4, James P. Butler Elementary School

Daniela Mendez – 7th grade, Hurshel Antwine school

Danika Navarrete – 7th grade, Hurshel Antwine school

Eliab Rojo – 7th grade, Hurshel Antwine school

Mariska Valdes – 6th year, Montwood College

* Grades and schools are from the Socorro ISD 2020-2021 school year when students were nominated.

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