Splatoon 3 Guide – All Abilities, How To Upgrade Gear Star Power & How To Earn Ability Chunks

In Splaton 3, Abilities are like advantages. They can provide all sorts of passive benefits, from doubling the effect of abilities on gear to increasing damage dealt to non-player enemies. Some brands favor different abilities, making them five times more likely to be assigned to a secondary ability slot. When unfavored, the probability of an ability appearing is 0.5 times.

Let’s take a look at all the different abilities in the game:

  • Step up the action – Squid Rolls and Squid Surges are easier to perform. When you shoot after jumping, your aim is more stable.
  • Last Effort – When there are only 30 seconds left in a battle, ink recovery rate and weapon ink effectiveness are increased.
  • Return – After respawning, some abilities are temporarily buffed.
  • Fast Super Jump – Super jump speed has been increased.
  • Special Charge – Special gauge fill rate is increased.
  • Haunt – After respawning, players who splashed you have their location revealed.
  • Thermal Ink – Players fired from a distance with the primary weapon can be tracked.
  • Special Power Up – Special weapon is upgraded.
  • Special Saver – After being splashed, your special gauge decreases are reduced.
  • Object Shredder – Non-player targets take increased damage.
  • Ability Doubler – Other abilities in this gear have their ability points doubled.
  • Drop Roller – In the middle of a Super Jump, tilting the left stick performs a roll when landing in that direction.
  • Respawn Punisher – Respawn time increases while special gauge spawn receives penalty. However, players you run over also suffer the same effect.
  • Stealth Jump – The Super Jump landing spot is hidden from ranged players.
  • Tenacity – When there are fewer active allies on your team than opponents, the special gauge is automatically filled.
  • Opening Gambit – In the first 30 seconds of a battle, your speed is increased.
  • Quick Respawn – If splashed continuously and without splash mark, respawn time is reduced.
  • Ink Saver (Secondary) – Secondary weapon consumes less ink.
  • Sub Power Up – Sub weapon is upgraded.
  • Run Speed ​​Up – Increased movement speed while in Inkling/Octoling form.
  • Increased Ink Resistance – When walking through enemy ink, damage taken is reduced and mobility is increased.
  • Ink Saver (Primary) – The ink consumed by your primary weapon is reduced.
  • Ninja Squid – Swim speed reduced slightly, but you leave no trail when swimming through ink.
  • Sub Resistance Up – The damage and effects of enemy sub-weapons are reduced.
  • Swim Speed ​​Up – Swim form movement speed is increased.
  • Ink Recovery – Ink tank fill rate is increased.

In terms of best abilities, ink recovery, ink resistance, swim speed, run speed, and ink saver (main) are top tier. The rest is largely up to your playstyle. If Special Weapons are your forte, then Special Charge Up and Special Power Up are pretty good. Returning provides decent utility, providing a brief advantage after respawning. Experiment and play with different abilities to find your favorite loadout.

How to Upgrade Gear Star Power

As you get different equipment in Splaton 3you’ll find that each has unique passives that can suit different playstyles. You’ll want to increase the star power of gear, as it unlocks more ability slots.

To increase Star Power, collect Super Sea Snails and trade them with Murch. He will increase the Star Power of a piece of equipment in exchange. You can also find a copy of the piece of gear in a store and exchange the currently equipped one for it. It costs gold, so be prepared.

Once all ability slots have been unlocked for a piece of gear, you can further increase the star power to increase its XP gain. It’s not mandatory, especially if you’re low on gold, so prioritize unlocking all speed ability slots beforehand. You earn brand badges for collecting 30 stars and 100 stars from branded gear, but that’s for the long haul. If you like these badges, buy cheap stuff with stars attached.

How to earn ability chunks

Ability chunks are super important, making it possible to select the different abilities they want on their gear. You will receive Ability Chunks for completing matches in Turf War and Anarchy Battle. But there are other ways to earn them.

Head to Salmon Run and complete matches until you earn 1,200 points in the Bonus Meter. You will receive a piece of gear, but when replaying, ability chunks are rewarded instead of a duplicate. While the Bonus Meter is at 1,200, you will only receive gear, which means a lot of ability chunks. The counter resets every 40 hours, so keep that in mind.

Splatfests are also an interesting activity. First, get the Splatfest Tee a week before the event. It has three ability sub-slots that can be removed for 20,000 gold. Play a few matches while wearing it and you’ll receive ability chunks. You can also use an Ability Drink from the Shell-out Machine. When consumed, the gear will have a higher chance of casting this ability, but the drink’s effect lasts for 20 matches. Once he gets the first ability, rub the tee and keep playing.

You can also head to Murch, and he’ll remove all sub-abilities from gear, providing a chunk of ability for each at 20,000 gold. Murch can also set abilities on your gear – 45 ability chunks for the main ability, then 10 for the first sub-ability. Having multiple copies of the same ability on a piece of gear will cost 20 for two and 30 for the third.

Splaton 3 is now available on Nintendo Switch. See our review here for more details.

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