Star Wars Proves Classic Jedi Power Belongs To The Dark Side


The Force is a path to many abilities, and classic Jedi power has been proven to belong to the dark side of the Star Wars galaxy.

Warning! Spoilers for Star Wars: The High Republic # 8

It has been proven that a classic Jedi power belongs to the dark side in the Star wars galaxy. The Force is a pathway to many abilities, but that specific use is amplified when a dark side user is in control.

The High Republic explores a time in the galaxy where peace reigned, 200 years before the return of the Sith. While this paves the way for the Jedi to become the familiar heroes fans know they are, it weaves classic Force abilities that haven’t been seen in the movies. Since Disney reset the Star Wars Extended Universe when it sold Lucasfilm, many Force powers have remained untapped in current canon. Recently one of these old Jedi abilities have resurfaced in Star Wars: The High Republic # 8, written by Cavan Scott with illustrations by Ario Anindito, Mark Morales and Annalisa Leoni.

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The Jedi were able to use the Force to bond with animals in a special way, but this ability seems more suited to the dark side. When the nature-centric villains known as Drengir use the Force to arm arthropods, they prove they have an advantage on the light side. Even if Star Wars: Darth Vader takes place many years in the future, it was recently revealed in Darth Vader # 11 that Darth Sidious is able to similarly arm the beast called Summa-Verminoth. In response, Darth Vader controlled a giant lobster-like creature to kill the monster on the Sith planet, Exegol.

star wars drengir ants

He verifies that dark side users have a deeper connection to nature, as they override the Force’s will to bend life to their desire. Since the Drengir are plant-like beings, it is only natural that they have a unique advantage with such life forms. Throughout the previous canon, the “Animal Connection” was an occasional occurrence, with the Sith and Jedi using this ability. Central characters from the Extended Universe have used the Force on animals, such as Jacen Solo, Darth Talon, and even Darth Bane. For The High Republic to describe the Drengir as being able to control other beings, when dark Vador recently showed that the Sith were capable of the same power, sets a precedent for the classic ability to become more mainstream in the new canon.

Darth Vader Sith 11

Although Ezra Bridger performed the ability in Rebels, these two examples in recent comics seem to cement power as a better fit for dark side users. With a Force ability that seems like a natural inclusion in the Star Wars universe, it’s reassuring for longtime fans to see her resurface. As the Drengir continues to be a threat to young people Jedi of The High Republic, they are likely to make militarizing creatures a characteristic Force movement.

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