Surry sheriff to oversee animal control


Animal control operations are now the responsibility of the Surry County Sheriff’s Office.

Surry’s supervisory board voted unanimously on September 2 to approve a memorandum of understanding, or memorandum of understanding, with Sheriff Carlos Turner making the change.

Prior to the MOU, animal control was a department of county administration. As a result of the change, county animal control workers will report to Turner, an elected constitutional officer, rather than County Administrator Melissa Rollins.

Turner will directly oversee all animal control employees, including hiring and disciplinary action, setting operational standards, departmental budgeting, and financial oversight. Employees will be assigned sworn officer duties at Turner’s discretion.

According to the memorandum of understanding, Turner and Surry’s board of supervisors “agree that the animal control department” “would work more efficiently if the animal control department were overseen by the sheriff.”

The department, according to the county’s website, is responsible for enforcing state and local animal laws, investigating cases of animal bites and rabies, investigating claims about livestock due stray dogs and investigate allegations of animal cruelty. The department is based at the Surry County Animal Shelter at 265 Old Burrough Road. The refuge is open every fourth Saturday of the month.

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