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As a Honeywell Test Pilot, you will operate a highly diverse fleet of highly technical flight test aircraft including: (TurboJets): B757, G550, F900EX, ERJ170, (Turboprops): BE200, PC-12, (Pistons): BE36, BE55, PA46, (Rotorcraft): AW139.

Main responsibilities

  • Perform pilot-in-command (PIC) duties in one or more assigned aircraft and conduct flight tests, customer demonstrations and certification flights
  • Maintain currency, proficiency and technical expertise in multiple aircraft types
  • Participate in the planning, coordination and scheduling of tests to be performed on assigned test aircraft and coordinate with flight test engineers and aircraft maintenance personnel, ensuring the aircraft is properly configured, to achieve all test objectives
  • Maintain the highest level of safety when developing, directing and conducting flight tests.
  • Design and oversee flight testing of avionics and/or propulsion systems, supervise technical personnel, and ensure compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Evaluate combined aircraft and product technologies, through analysis, inspection, performance measurements and flight characteristics
  • Create, review and implement strategies and plans to achieve service goals and ensure world-class flight testing and customer support

Must have

  • Licence
  • FAA Class I Medical Certificate
  • Airline pilot license (airplane and/or rotorcraft)
  • 2,500 hours (total time), 1,000 hours (plane to turbine time), 500 hours PIC (turbine time)
  • Multi-Engine Land (AMEL) with appropriate type rating(s)

What we appreciate

  • Degree in engineering or a technically related field; or an equivalent combination of education and flight test experience, sufficient to successfully perform the essential duties of the job
  • In-depth knowledge of flight test techniques and test procedures in a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methods, for the planning, assessment and evaluation of operational tests for complex test objectives
  • Thorough knowledge and demonstrated skill, to operate and maintain qualification in each assigned aircraft

Further information

  • JOB ID: HRD156340
  • Category: flight operations
  • Location: 111 S 34th St., Phoenix, Arizona, 85034, USA
  • Exempt
  • Must be a US citizen due to contractual requirements.

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