The 10 Most Useful Hunter X Hunter Nen Abilities To Have In Real Life

Hunter × Hunter uses a complex power system known as Nen, which allows users to control and exercise their life energy or life aura. Nen can only be perceived by a select group of self-aware individuals, which is why most people in the world have no idea it even exists.

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There are hundreds of types of Nen exhibited in Hunter × Hunter, each designed in synchrony with the personality and passion of its respective wearer. While many techniques in the story are combat-oriented, there are a considerable number with real-world applications. In other words, these Nen abilities can improve the quality and experience of daily life.

ten Hisoka’s Surprise Texture is an exceptionally handy document editing tool

Hisoka’s Bungee Gum technique is as iconic as it is versatile, imbuing his Nen aura with viscoelastic properties. Bungee Gum helps Hisoka defeat even the strongest opponents without too much difficulty, but his Surprise Texture is also worth a mention. Based on Conjuration, this secondary ability changes the external characteristics of any flat surface.

Hisoka crafts a Phantom Troupe tattoo with Texture Surprise, successfully fooling some of the show’s smartest villains. Texture Surprise can surreptitiously alter content written on paper, making it a very handy, albeit risky, tool.

9 Biscuit’s piano massage turns a 30-minute nap into a full night’s sleep

Although Biscuit’s main Nen ability revolves around her overwhelming strength, she has a pair of minor techniques that provide significant real-life benefits. Her magical beautician evokes a Nen masseuse named Cookie, whose masterful hands help people recover from minor injuries and muscle strains.

Biscuit proudly claims that its esthetician’s services incorporate an assortment of massage styles. Cookie’s piano massage is particularly impressive: a 30-minute nap becomes as effective as a full night’s sleep. There aren’t many people who would turn down such a fabulous spa treatment.

8 Wink Blue from Palm Siberia can be used in place of Nannycams and other surveillance equipment

The human Palm Siberia is not very strong in terms of combat, but transforming into Chimera Ant expands the range of his Nen powers. Palm’s remarkable Wink Blue allows her to keep tabs on anyone she observes “with just her left eye”.

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The ability to supervise people simply by looking at them has countless benefits – Wink Blue can replace security cameras, nannycams and other surveillance equipment, reducing functional and labor costs. On the other hand, totalitarian regimes can deploy this technique to surveil their citizens, so it’s not all sunshine and roses.

seven Knov’s Hide & Seek makes teleportation an efficient mode of transportation

Knov is quite confident in his Nen powers, given that he willingly takes part in a potentially deadly reconnaissance mission in East Gorteau. He hones his hide-and-seek technique to perfection, effortlessly creating portals leading in and out of his 21-room “four-dimensional mansion.”

These gates connect Knov’s Unspeakable Domain to the outside world and can also be used to trap gullible opponents. More importantly, his Nen portals are basically undetectable, fooling even the royal guard. Teleportation has always been a dream of mankind, a dream that could be realized by Knov’s Hide and Seek.

6 Ging’s ultrasound could theoretically replace medical ultrasound

In light of his prodigious achievements, Isaac Netero ranks Ging Freecss “among the top five Nen users in the world”. The anime doesn’t delve too deeply into Ging’s power levels as it mostly focuses on his relationship with Gon. The manga, however, reveals several Nen abilities in his vast arsenal.

Ging uses Leorio’s Remote Punch as the basis for his ultrasound technique, which can apparently identify an assortment of anatomical issues and physiological abnormalities. Reading analysis of this ability may require a professional eye, but Ging’s ultrasound could theoretically replace medical ultrasound.

5 Knuckle’s Hakoware doubles as a self-calculating financial computer

Many people are fully aware of their financial situation and their investments, although there are undoubtedly an equal number of people who have no idea how bookkeeping works. This is where Knuckle’s Hakoware technique comes in handy. This ability incorporates extremely advanced arithmetic into his Nen system, working with complicated interest rates on “borrowed aura”.

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Knuckle understands his Hakoware well enough to win most of his battles, but he might as well use it to do his taxes. Assuming Hakoware is programmed appropriately, people in the real world would be more than happy to deploy a self-calculating financial computer.

4 Neon’s charming Ghostwriter is infinitely superior to crystal balls and tarot cards

As the daughter of a mob don, Neon Nostrade has never lacked for anything in her life. She is pampered with constant luxury, not to mention being served by an extensive team of butlers, maids and bodyguards. Neon’s Nen Specialist ability, known as Lovely Ghostwriter, allows her to predict a person’s future with unfailing accuracy.

The only problem is that these prophecies are phrased using ambiguous poetic language, which makes a trustworthy translation nearly impossible. However, Lovely Ghostwriter is still infinitely superior to divination methods that rely on crystal balls and tarot cards.

3 Melody’s enchanting music reduces the negative impact of mental stress

Melody gains superhuman hearing after listening to the Sonata of Darkness, a classic piece supposedly composed by Satan himself. As a music hunter, however, she does not engage in any form of violence. On the contrary, Melody’s empathetic nature and soothing voice calm everyone around her, especially Kurapika.

Fueled by her Nen aura, Melody’s Enchanting Music includes a wide variety of songs and tunes that affect all who hear them. Enchanting Music reduces the negative impact of mental stress, especially in high pressure environments.

2 Neferpitou’s Doctor Blythe is likely to revolutionize the field of modern surgery

As a member of the Ant King’s Royal Guard, Neferpitou is blessed with enormous power and formidable intellect. Their thirst for knowledge drives them to absorb information from medical textbooks and research papers. Neferpitou eventually develops her ability as Doctor Blythe, which automatically makes her one of the best surgeons in the world.

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This technique manifests as a nurse doll with tendril-like extensions emanating from her “body”, each outfitted with a host of medical devices. Doctor Blythe is likely to revolutionize the field of modern surgery, although he might face a bit of competition from medical AI.

1 Chrollo’s Skill Hunter can grant completely new skills to previously untalented people

Skill Hunter is best described as a meta ability as its entire existence depends on the Nen of others. Chrollo Lucilfer uses Skill Hunter to steal or borrow any favorable Nen abilities he can find, such as Owl’s Fun Fun Cloth and Kortopi’s Gallery Fake.

Although several very specific conditions must be met before it can be used, Skill Hunter is probably one of the most useful abilities in Hunter × Hunter. This ability can transform hitherto untalented individuals into great singers, dancers, writers, painters, sportsmen, etc. The sky is the limit when it comes to Skill Hunter.

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