The Avatar State and 9 other overkill anime abilities that needed to be boosted

The Avatar State looked like a cheat code when it was mentioned. He felt so overpowered that the show nerfed him almost instantly, explaining the downsides of the ability. Without it, the rest of the series would have left fans wondering why Aang hadn’t just used the ability against everything and everyone.

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There are plenty of other shows that have had the same problem. They introduce abilities, or even entire skill sets, that need to be nerves just so that whoever has the ability can actually be challenged in the future. Sometimes the abilities are still useful despite the nerve, other times … not so much.

ten Avatar state can end avatar cycle (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

korra haunted by the spirit of her avatar state

The Avatar State is described as a power that grants the Avatar all the knowledge and skills of previous Avatars. This makes them stronger than they normally are, and mastery powers that they have not yet learned are available to the current Avatar.

However, the Avatar State has a downside – most young Avatars cannot control it, which means they can cause damage to anyone around them without realizing it. Second, if they are killed in the Avatar State, it kills the spirit of the Avatar itself, thus breaking the cycle of reincarnation.

9 The Destructo Disc cannot be used on opponents much stronger than Krillin (Dragon Ball Z)

Dragon Ball Krillin Destructo Anime Disc

The Destructo Disc was Krillin’s most powerful and dangerous technique. The energy was compressed into a small disc capable of cutting anything it touched, regardless of the power level. Usually the limitation to this ability was that people could just get out of the way. But even then, fans wondered what would happen if this attack actually landed.

The battle against Cell ultimately answered this in the anime, as Cell was able to skip the Destructo Disc because the person using it was much weaker than him.

8 Wind scar stop working on bigger demons (Inuyasha)

Inuyasha's Wind Scar

The Wind Scar is the secret technique of the Tessaiga. The sword projects a wave of energy into the rift between two yokai auras in the winds, and is said to have the ability to destroy a hundred yokai with one blow.

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Originally, it was Inuyasha’s signing technique after obtaining the sword. But you can only have one weapon that can easily destroy a hundred yokai with one hit for such a long time. Eventually, the technique was gradually nerfed so that any enemy worth storying could resist the attack.

seven Conqueror’s Haki becomes less effective against stronger opponents (One Piece)

The Haki of Conqueror denotes someone with the potential to be a king. Anyone using it can instantly take out dozens of enemies at the same time. This is because whoever has a weaker will is enslaved to the one who uses it.

However, the problem is that the more dangerous the areas explored by Luffy and the others, the more they come across people who also have a Conqueror haki or who have wills that cannot be so easily dominated. This makes them a skill controlling power, but anyone they fight these days easily passes.

6 Dragon Slave can eliminate lower level opponents but higher level opponents survive (Slayers)

Lina Inverse is a powerful magician with a legend to be called the Queen of Destruction. Much of this legend comes from his mastery of the Dragon Slave spell, which is said to be able to destroy anything he touches.

Most of the time, the Dragon Slave spell can flatten entire villages and dungeons. But when used on a sufficiently powerful mage or non-human being, they can usually take it just fine, forcing Lina to be more creative in order to win.

5 Misaka’s Railgun is ignored by the accelerator (a certain Scientific Railgun)

Misaka Mikoto fighter Kuriba in A Certain Scientific Railgun

Misaka’s Railgun technique is his most powerful technique. As one of the 5 strongest people in Academy City, she uses him in a fight against Accelerator. So far, that had been a perfectly good signing move … but against Accelerator, he redirects it without a second thought.

After pulling it, not only does he fail, but the throttle does not even understand that it is his strongest blow. He laughs at her after the click, but at least he spares her life.

4 Black Asta is replaced by Asta’s best power-ups (Black Clover)

Black Asta was a power-up obtained after several dangerous battles for Asta back to back. This allows him to focus the anti-magic he uses outside of his sword and on himself, increasing his speed and strength many times over.

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Over time, the Black Asta form becomes less and less overpowered, especially as his enemies are able to channel their own bonuses. These days he has gone from using the Black Asta form to something completely different to combat new threats.

3 Amaterasu is ignored by stronger opponents (Naruto)

The Uchiha Clan Fire Style Jutsu is said to be one of the strongest jutsu on the market. But from the moment Sasuke used it during the Chunin Exams Forest Zone, it was systematically ignored by anyone with real talent. Eventually, Sasuke reaches the Amaterasu, which is supposed to burn anyone touched by it until it is destroyed.

It’s a technique that everyone should be careful of to avoid getting hit … but the Raikage is hit by it and quickly knocks his arm down and continues to fight Sasuke like nothing has happened.

2 Dragon of the Darkness Flame is less impressive every time it is used (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Hiei Dragon Darkness Fire

Hiei’s Dark Dragon Flame is said to be a technique that cannot be blocked and there is nothing the enemy can do about it once it is aimed. Against Zeru, it was true, he was instantly destroyed. Against Bui, he managed to block him and send him back to Hiei. However, this fueled Hiei and made him so powerful that he could easily defeat Bui.

It became less and less useful thereafter. But despite the diminishing returns on the ability, everyone ignored him because Hiei was cool and his first appearance was a legendary moment.

1 Kaioken is replaced by Super Saiyan from Goku (Dragon Ball Z)

Kaioken allowed Goku to arbitrarily increase his power to help him fight opponents stronger than himself. Against Vegeta, Goku’s power was far from Vegeta’s and it was only his ability to use Kaioken that gave him a chance. By the Frieza Saga however, this power-up was not what it once was.

Kaio-Ken times 20 was enough to barely keep up with Frieza, and Frieza was still holding back. With Super Saiyan, Dragon ball zThe manga version of even acknowledged that Kaio-Ken didn’t work in tandem with Goku’s new power, making the ability irrelevant in the future… outside of the filler.

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