The best diplomatic terms Former prime minister of Oz’s acquaintances “dubious” for asserting that “India allergic to alliances, will not put eggs in one basket”


Manpreet Vohra, Indian High Commissioner to Australia, sharply criticized former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating on Tuesday for his remarks on India in an opinion piece published in The Sunday Morning Herald, a popular Australian daily.

In the article published Tuesday, Keating claimed that the sole purpose of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue – or Quad – with the leaders of Australia, India, Japan and the United States – is to contain China. . The Indians, too, would “shut themselves up in their peninsula” as soon as a strong shot was fired.

India, he further asserted, “got us all right there.” “India benefits from the Himalayan impenetrable wall to the north and the protection of two oceans around its stretched peninsula. And it has a younger population as large as that of China. He is in an invincible position. And no power would try to defeat it – certainly not the Chinese, ”Keating wrote.

Vohra, in response, called Keating’s knowledge of geography and other things “questionable.” “Questionable knowledge in geography, among others …” he tweeted Tuesday morning.

An Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer in 1988, Vohra was appointed India’s next High Commissioner to Australia in March of that year. The appointment of the senior diplomat comes at a time when relations between India and Australia are on the rise and the two countries are stepping up cooperation, especially in the Indo-Pacific region.

Keating went on to say that the Quad has only one objective and that is to contain China. “The fact that, one way or another, humanity’s 20% rise from abject poverty to something approaching a modern state, is illegitimate – but more than that, by its mere presence, a affront to the United States. It is not that China presents a threat to the United States – something that China has never formulated or delivered – rather, its mere presence represents a challenge to the preeminence of the United States, ”he said. -he writes.

“How does a state, as big as the United States, dare to represent itself,” he said. “But not only to represent oneself, to have the means to eventually become twice as tall. Nowhere is such an eventuality found in the American playbook. But that’s what the Quad is. And, naively, we are in it.

He then claimed that the Indians would lock themselves in their peninsula as soon as a shot was fired. “As soon as a shot was fired, the Indians locked themselves in their peninsula and the Japanese did what they always do, negotiate under the table. That would leave the United States and the mugs like us to wage a military battle against the Chinese on their own. “

He wrote: “India is a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The other states include China itself, Russia and Pakistan. India will show up as big as life at the next Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting, after she show up as big as life for America’s Quad Madness at the White House.

India, one of the founders of the non-aligned movement, has always been allergic to alliances, having no desire to put all its eggs in one basket, which it never will. But here we are in Australia, at the strategic casino, putting all our money on the dark, thinking the Indians will show up for a major showdown with the Chinese. As the Japanese know, in such a fight, China will wipe them out.

But the Shire Prophet strayed into all of this, unable to grasp the vector forces of the intricacies at play, while Australian foreign policy had the full capacity to handle China-US relations, such as we have been doing this successfully for decades. before.”

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