The Boys: The 10 Bravest Characters, Ranked

Since The boys The teaser for season 3 was released last month, fans’ excitement for the upcoming season has increased tenfold. The highly anticipated season 3 of the Emmy-nominated show is set to drop in June, and fans are desperately waiting to check out Soldier Boy’s new character and see what’s in store for The Boys and the Supes.

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Both The Boys and The Supes are filled with characters who have shown a lot of bravery from time to time. The fearlessness displayed by the average humans of The Boys team is certainly commendable given that they don’t have any superpowers and always come up against the mighty Supes.

ten A train

Jessie Usher on train in The Boys

A-Train is a Supe with super speed abilities. Like most other Supes of the Seven, he doesn’t care about helping people. However, he is not as bad as other Supes such as Homelander, Stormfront, and Black Noir.

A-Train is mostly selfish, but when trying to achieve his own goals he can also be brave. He helped The Boys reveal the true face of Stormfront by stealing his files from The Church of The Collective archives. It was a risky move because Homelander or Stormfront would have immediately killed him or worse if they had known.

9 Black Black

Nathan Mitchell as Black Noir The Boys

Black Noir is a Batman ripoff and member of the Seven. Like Batman, he’s kind of a lone wolf. He will eliminate his enemies by himself even though he has no superpowers except he is an exceptional martial artist and fighter.

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He goes on to kill a whole group of terrorists alone and one of them even had superpowers. So even knowing that he can encounter people with any type of ability doesn’t stop him from going after them alone and completing the mission.


8 Country

Split image showing Homelander in The Boys

Portraying an evil Superman in The Boys universe, Homelander is the leader of the Seven. While he’s one of the most malevolent villains on TV right now, he’s also brave. However, there’s no doubt that his reason for bravery is his superpowers, which are known to be the best on the planet right now.

Homelander has a lot of trauma as a child, but the fact that he is always able to keep his head above water no matter what is proof of his courage and that he hardly ever backs down from a fight.

7 French

Close up of Frenchie on The Boys/Frenchie walking down the street

Frenchie is devoid of super abilities. His asset in The Boys team is that he is good with computers and technology. However, that doesn’t stop him from being bold and brave when asked.

He is the only member of The Boys who does not seem to have a personal vendetta against Vought and Supes. So, being willing to fight against such powerful enemies for no personal reason speaks to Frenchie’s bravery. Additionally, he stands up to Butcher and the other members of Kimiko’s team, which again shows that he can be brave and resilient for the things he believes in.

6 Hughes

Jack Quaid as Hughie Campbell in The Boys

Hughie may not have superpowers or great fighting abilities. However, when it comes to courage, he has plenty of it. Even though he’s just an average human, he’s so driven to get justice for his girlfriend and everyone who’s been wronged by the Supes that he joins The Boys.

Going against the Supes takes a lot of courage because he’s basically putting his life in danger every single day. He also had to give up his father and his normal life for it. He killed Translucent, who was Supe and in Season 2 he went to save Starlight knowing he might lose his life in the process.

5 Queen Maeve

Queen Maeve in The Boys

Queen Maeve’s character arc is extremely interesting. In Season 1, she finds it difficult to defend herself or confront Homelander and she has basically accepted things as they are. However, in season 2, she shows a lot of bravery.

Queen Maeve finally defends Starlight in season 2 and eliminates Black Noir. In the season finale, she not only joins Kimiko and Starlight in the fight against Stormfront, but she blackmails Homelander, threatening to release his video where he left the plane crash passengers to die. Confronting Homelander is one of the bravest things you can do in The Boys.

4 Breastmilk

MM wears a De La Soul t-shirt in The Boys

Part of The Boys, Mother’s Milk or MM has a family with a wife and a daughter. Although he is a family man, he fights tirelessly against Vought and Supes. Unlike Butcher and Hughie, he doesn’t have revenge as a reason to go against the Supes.

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He wants to continue his father’s fight against Vought and hold them accountable for all the crimes they have committed over the decades. Thus, it is his bravery that drives him to fight against Supes and not seek revenge. Because of this, he has to stay away from his family, which in itself is a huge sacrifice to make.

3 Butcher

Billy Butcher in The Boys Season 2

Butcher is the leader of The Boys and was previously a member of the British Army. His whole life was turned upside down when his wife disappeared. He makes his team as great as they are. He is incredibly fearless as he even fought Translucent using only his hands.

Like Homelander, Butcher never backs down from a fight, no matter who the opponent is. But what makes Butcher braver is that, unlike Homelander, he has no special abilities. This could change in the upcoming season. Butcher goes into every fight knowing it could result in his death, but that doesn’t deter him in any way. Because of his courage and daring, the Vought is shaken.

2 Stars light

Starlight or Annie is one of the newest members of The Seven and she has a lot of moral and religious values ​​when she joins us. She is disillusioned the first day but she does not back down. Starlight tells her story of sexual assault to the world leading to The Deep’s immediate expulsion from The Seven.

Starlight secretly begins working for The Boys, bringing them inside information from Vought, knowing it may have bad consequences for her. She doesn’t even back down when Homelander threatens her. She tries to use her power for good even when surrounded by Supes abusing their abilities and it takes immense bravery.

1 Kimiko

The Boys Karen Fukuhara Kimiko

Kimiko’s story is one of the saddest stories in the series. Her parents were killed when she was a child, and she and her brother were forcibly recruited by a Chinese terrorist group. They were forced to serve in their army for several years.

When the boys find her, Kimiko is an extremely fearless slayer with superhuman abilities. She is the fiercest character in the series, as she is always ready to fight and kill bad guys. She didn’t even shy away from battling with Supes like Black Noir and Stormfront. Kimiko loves her brother very much and she went through a lot to protect him. Her love for the people she loves is a source of her fearlessness.

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