The Fantastic Four Just Got Their Most Powerful Member Back

The most powerful member of the Fantastic Four, Franklin Richards, has just found a way to reclaim his powers, and it comes at just the right time.

Warning: contains an outline for Fantastic Four #44!

The most powerful member of the The Fantastic Four just found a way to access his old powers. Franklin Richard, aka Powerhouse, was once considered the most powerful superhuman on Earth, but exhausted his abilities in a recent clash with the Cormorant. However, thanks to an elaborate trick concocted by his genius sister Valeria, Franklin is finally able to regain his powers, just in time to fight the Reckoning and their Multiversal Extinction plans.

Franklin is the son of Reed Richards and Sue Storm of the Fantastic Four. Due to cosmic rays altering his parents’ genetic material, Franklin was born a reality warper and one of the most powerful beings in the universe. He has used his abilities to save the world on several occasions, most notably when he created a pocket reality to save Earth’s heroes from the villainous Onslaught. More recently, Franklin’s powers have helped restore the multiverse after it was destroyed by Beyonder incursions (during Secret Wars), which exhausted most of its resources. What little he had saved was consumed in an attempt to stop the Cormorant, one of the Fantastic Four’s strongest enemies.


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In preview for Fantastic Four #44, by Dan Slott, Andrea Di Vito, Davide Tinto, Rachael Stott and Jesus Aburtov, shared by Marvel Comics, Franklin and Valeria attempt to fend off an attack by the Reckoning, a group of alien warlords who wield the same powers as the Watchers , but are determined to destroy the universe. One of them, Ruin, tried to use the Fantastic Four’s Eternal Gate (a portal to any place in space and time), to reach the Apex of All Reality, the true heart of the Marvel Multiverse. However, Valeria rigged Forever Gate’s controls so that instead it transports everyone to thought space, a dimension where every thought becomes reality. Thanks to this, Franklin can recover his lost powers and become a god again. Enjoy the preview below:

Franklin’s powers have always been difficult to deal with from a narrative standpoint. It’s hard to insert a heroic, omnipotent being into a Fantastic Four story and still have meaningful stakes. Matters are further complicated because, after long believed to be a mutant, Franklin’s origins were recently pieced together with the explanation that he used his own powers to unknowingly alter his anatomy to look like he was. had an X-Gene. . Franklin’s loss of power thus led to some interesting character development, with the child struggling to come to terms with his new condition and even seeking professional advice to help him cope.

It’s unclear if Franklin will be able to repair his condition once outside of Thought Space, or if he will lose his powers again after returning home. There is precedent in Marvel Comics for changes made in imaginary spaces that last once the characters reenter the real world (the mutant Gloriana was similarly rescued from oblivion), so if Franklin is thinking of altering his body for his true powers to return, it’s possible he’ll become Powerhouse again. The Reckoning is one of the biggest threats in the Marvel Universe, so even though the The Fantastic Four have their most powerful member back, it’s even possible Franklin Richard will not be enough to reverse the trend.

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Fantastic Four #44 will be available starting June 15 from Marvel Comics.

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