The ‘incredibly rewarding’ course helps coaches develop their knowledge


A national program that has helped 11 diving and swimming coaches develop their knowledge has been hailed as “incredibly enriching”.

UK Coaching Focus programs cover four essential elements of coach development.

Focus 1 examines leadership and feedback, while planning and transitions are the subject of Focus 2.

The eight-week course offers a blended approach to development, incorporating one-on-one conversations with coach developers, thinking tools, social learning spaces, workshops and more.

The coaches accepted on Focus 1 were Stephen Hewat (Luton Diving), Danny Proffitt (Ellesmere College), James Milton (City of Leeds Diving), Andy Sharp (Northampton) and Marc Foster (Boldmere).

During the virtual training, they explored their leadership knowledge, understood their leadership style and had the chance to explore the impact of their leadership on their athletes and the coaching team at large.

Shân Veasey (Southend Diving), Kirsteen Mitchell (Luton Diving), Gavin Povall (Waltham Forest), Lesley Batson (Putteridge), Jack Chambers (Derventio Excel) and Robert Vaughan (City of Leicester) participated in Focus 2.

They had the opportunity to share across multiple sports their understanding and execution of effective planning – while also being the opportunity to experience and explore programming from a personal and performance perspective. .

Shân said, “I had identified planning as an area of ​​development in the previous Basic Performance Course.

Ideal experience

“The continued support of the Focus course was the perfect opportunity to complete the final part of this development.

“The tutor, Emily, has the perfect experience to be able to support the learning I need.

“This course has been incredibly enriching for my knowledge as a coach.

“I am very grateful for the opportunity and I feel very motivated as a result of this development.”

Lesley said: “The UK Coaching Focus 2 program has been a fantastic experience for me – and the content and resources have been informative and stimulating.

“To have a 1: 1 Coach Developer has been a privilege and I am very grateful to have had this opportunity.

“The advice and guidance allowed me to have quality self-reflection and motivation sessions with Tom which gave me the inspiration to make small changes to my coaching behavior that I have already put implemented.

“It increased my confidence and put me back in a ‘happy place’, enjoying what I love. Many thanks to Swim England and UK Coaching for giving me this opportunity.

The national governing body will now appoint coaches for the final two focus groups by October 1.

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