The main characters, ranked by combat ability

Teen Wolf is known for its epic battles between different supernatural beings. Not only that, but the show is filled with monster hunters, which means that each character, both supernatural and human, has a range of strengths and combat abilities.

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However, not everyone is equally skilled in combat. Some characters tend to hang back in battle and assign in other ways. Therefore, it is easy to classify the main characters of Teen Wolf in terms of how they would do in a fight.

ten Mason Hewitt

Despite being the Beast momentarily in Season 5, Mason generally doesn’t have much combat prowess. As a human member of the younger pack, Mason is not able to fight supernatural creatures as well as Liam or Hayden. He is incredibly intelligent and often acts as the seeker of the pack, but this fails him in the physical department.

Mason definitely tries to fight when he has to, like in season 4 where he humorously charges a lethal and hulking berserker with a tiny bat in order to save his friends. But, ultimately, he wouldn’t last very long in a battle against many other main characters.

9 Stiles Stilinsky

Stiles at George Washington University in Teen Wolf.

He may be the best Teen Wolf character according to fans on Reddit, but Stiles hasn’t always been the better fighter. In fact, it is because of his physical weakness that fans are often so dear to him. As his iconic quote goes, “I’m 147 pounds of pale skin and brittle bones, okay? Sarcasm is my only defense!”

Stiles tends to rely on his quick wit and detective skills when it comes to defeating evil, and as a result, he usually tries to hold back in fights. He’s often been captured by the enemy of the pack when Scott isn’t there to protect him, and usually all Stiles is able to do in those situations is make sarcastic remarks.


8 Lydia Martin

Lydia Martin stares in Teen Wolf

Lydia’s fighting ability changes throughout the series. When she first gets her banshee powers, her abilities allow her to sense death but don’t actually make her stronger or faster. But, later in the series, she learns martial arts from Parrish and is then able to harness her banshee scream into a weapon she can fire at people.

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However, even when Lydia gains better combat skills, technique isn’t everything when faced with the raw strength of werewolves, and she’s still capable of getting knocked out by other characters (such as Theo). And ultimately, Lydia’s banshee-sense and incredible intelligence were her main assets, rather than her fighting ability.

7 Liam Dunbar

Liam has yellow eyes in close-up in Teen Wolf

Liam joined the pack in Season 4 after being bitten by Scott, and he has struggled with the werewolf lifestyle at times. But one thing he never struggled with was fighting, as he was often able to defeat his opponents.

Liam struggled with anger issues, which made it a big deal for Scott and Stiles. However, this ultimately helped Liam’s fighting ability as it made him act a lot more rough. He was even able to defeat and nearly kill Scott in Season 5. Liam ended up practically becoming the Alpha of his own pack by the end of the series, and in terms of fighting ability, he definitely deserved that position.

6 Derek Hale

A lot of things about Derek have aged badly. but one thing that’s always great is how cool a lot of his fights looked. He was the first werewolf audience to truly understand his powers, and he ended up training Scott for a while on how to defeat Peter in Season 1. He was also able to beat several members of the Alpha Pack in combat in season. 3.

Although he sometimes faced defeat in battle, he was still able to intimidate people with his tenacity alone. And his combat skills remained generally quite good, even when he was no longer an Alpha.

5 Allison Argent

Allison Argent never had any supernatural abilities, but her skills definitely made up for that. As a member of a family of hunters, Allison was very good at archery, knives, and hand-to-hand combat. She often took charge of fights and was able to defeat incredibly powerful opponents with her weapons and strategic mind.

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Beginning in Season 1, Allison often struggled with her fear of never being strong enough. She hated feeling weak and helpless, which drove her to train and learn as much as she could, which turned her into a formidable fighter and leader at just 17 years old.

4 Kira Yukimura

Arden Cho as Kira from Teen Wolf

Kira joined the Platoon in Season 3 and ended up becoming one of its main fighters, rivaling Alpha Scott. Kira was naturally skilled, meaning she was able to wield a sword with little to no training. And Kira also had great outfits, so she was able to look cool while fighting supernatural monsters.

Although she often got knocked out in fights in Season 3, she steadily grew stronger, to the point that she even became a threat to the pack when her kitsune powers began to overwhelm her. She was sent to train with the Skinwalkers, so audiences can only imagine how much more skilled she’s become in combat since then.

3 Jackson Whittemore

Jackson Kept Kanima as a Werewolf in Teen Wolf

While Jackson is one of the most hateful Teen Wolf characters, he could definitely fight. This was due to his kanima form, which was able to hold down three werewolves at once in season 2, after killing multiple hunters and humans.

Jackson didn’t have much time to master his abilities, but he had the advantage of a tail, which combined with his werewolf powers made him a valuable asset in battle. His tail could be used as a weapon of brute force, and it could also be used to grab both objects and opponents, giving him a greater range of motion than just melee combat that wolves -were tended to have.

2 Malia Tate

Malia was able to master her supernatural abilities quite easily once she joined the pack, and she was never shy about going into battle in order to protect them. In fact, she liked to fight, as she immediately punched Stiles in the face when she met him at Eichen House.

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What gave Malia an edge was her bloodthirsty instincts, as she was the child of Peter Hale and the Desert Wolf, two incredibly gifted supernatural creatures. Malia was strong enough for the Desert Wolf to even want to steal her powers, but Malia was able to hold off the skilled assassin, showing what a fighter she was.

1 Scott McCall

Red Eyed Teen Wolf Scott

Audiences got to see Scott’s fighting ability grow throughout the series. He didn’t have a good handle on his powers in Season 1, but by the end of the series, many supernatural beings were heading to him for help, as they knew how good he was at protecting innocent people. There’s clearly a reason he was able to defeat all of his previous foes.

Scott later became a True Alpha due to his good heart, but also due to the way he held himself in battle. He even learned to fight blindly in later seasons. And while he wasn’t often the smartest, he was actually able to win fights by cleverly strategizing.

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