The Monaco Grand Prix weekend will last 3 days instead of 4 in 2022


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that of Formula 1 The Monaco Grand Prix is ​​one of the most traditional events in the series, and nothing sums it up like the four-day weekend in Monaco. Rather than the standard Friday-Saturday-Sunday schedule, Monaco has opted for Thursday-Saturday-Sunday. But in 2022 that will change and the Monaco weekend will look a lot more like a standard F1 event.

“Monaco will be in three days, immediately”, Stefano, CEO of F1 Domenicali told CNN. “So Friday, Saturday, and Sunday instead of Thursday, hold, then Saturday and Sunday. This is the change that we are going to introduce next year.

The races were interrupted Friday in Monte-Carlo for various reasons. The race was moved to Ascension Weekend in 1950, which was Formula 1’s first year. Ascension Day is still held on on a Thursday it is therefore likely that the Monaco Grand Prix testing was moved to Thursday to take advantage of a lack of traffic – especially since on Friday the track was returned to the usual traffic flow. It’s a tradition that has continued, even in our more modern times, where there is never really an interruption in traffic. But the Friday off allowed the paddock to take advantage of the many social events that took place throughout the weekend.

Next year, however, Domenicali has planned a whole different variety of changes. Although not official yet, the current plan is to shorten the weekend to focus on just one practice session on Friday instead of two. This means that media homework could take place on Friday mornings rather than Thursday, reducing the time teams spend at a site.

This is going to be crucial in the coming season, given the busy schedule. There are many instances where F1 will be competing for two to three weekends in a row, so reducing track time will be essential for a smooth travel flow.

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