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In Shin Megami Tensei V, the Nahobino is rather limited at the start. Do you want more than a few demon allies? Do you want to improve your skills? You will need Miracles for this. However, they can be quite expensive and require Glory to equip some of them.

This part is pretty straightforward. You will encounter abscesses throughout Da’at. They are demon nests. They are really easy to spot. They literally clog the map and are big red eye-like rods that you can’t miss.

However, you can’t just use the new skills right away. You have to earn them. This is accomplished with Glory in the World of Shadows. Finding Gustav’s Miman around the world can bring you Glory. In places that were once inhabited, you might notice these tiny red people. We heard them laugh on occasion.

Once you’ve completed SMT V and achieved glory, head to World of Shadows. Go to the Apothesis menu in World of Shadows. This allows you to obtain Miracles. The categories Supremacy, Doctrine, Awakening and Cosmos are the four categories into which they are divided. The skills of supremacy are about combat.

There are a few things to consider initially. You will need to be able to make more demons. You’ll also want to be able to use additional abilities.

The Miracles of the Divine Garrison are one of the first you can learn. Divine Garrison I and II just add one more location to your overall roster. You can earn two each time you progress to Divine Garrison III and IV. In my case, I stopped at Divine Garrison V, which meant I had 14 potential allied slots.

Miracles’ Demon Proficiency and Divine Proficiency ranges are both beneficial in the Awakening category. Each adds up to your total number of skill slots. Demonic skill is for demons, while divine skill is for Nahobino.

You should not neglect the miracles of awakening as well as doctrine and supremacy. There are a number of crucial abilities there. Divine fusion is the most important miracle of doctrine, bar none. If you have it, then the Nahobino can use Essence Fusion to resist demon immunities.

The most important SMT V miracles belong to the Supremacy category. Knowledge of tools is most essential here. If you don’t have it, only the Nahobino can use items. Allies can use things like shards and gems or shock absorbers if you have them. It is very useful.

OK. I created this category because there is a lack of articles. Cosmos Miracles can be wonderful! These enhance the Nahobino’s ability to use certain fighting styles.

You will almost certainly be crossing the Nahobino in no time. You may not be sure what item you would like to dedicate your Nahobino to.

The only Cosmos I would recommend at first is the Almighty Mastery series. It is a type of magic that few demons are able to use. You will be able to find Aogami Essences with distinct Almighty abilities that the Nahobino can only get if you research Da’at a lot.

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