The Role and Skills of a Valuable HR Assistant Training Course: Stay Up to Date with Regulations and Procedures to Avoid Violations and the Risk of Costly Litigation (February 20-21, 2023)

Dublin, Nov. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Role and Skills of a Valuable HR Assistant Training Course has been added to from offer.

This handy HR assistant program will keep you up to date with regulations and procedures to avoid violations and the risk of costly litigation.

An effective HR assistant plays a key role in the smooth running of an HR department. The daily pressures are high, procedures are constantly evolving due to legislative changes and you have to regularly deal with sensitive employee issues.

Making sure you know key employment laws and best practices is key to effectively handling employee issues when they arise and ensuring you avoid costly mistakes.

This very practical workshop contains case studies and real situations encountered by HR assistants. During each session, the trainer will define, review and discuss the specific role and responsibilities of an HR Assistant in relation to this topic.

Benefits of participating:

  • Master the steps of successful recruitment and writing job offers
  • Understand what the law must include in an employment contract and how employers can add to it to protect their particular interests or needs
  • Learn how to change contract terms
  • Appreciate employee rights and employer responsibilities in different types of leave, including pregnancy, maternity, paternity and parental leave
  • Understand how GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 affect HR practices
  • Review the details of discrimination law to ensure you are providing a level playing field and avoiding costly mistakes
  • Familiarize yourself with discipline and grievance procedures to feel more confident when involved in employee disputes
  • Make sure you know what ‘fair’ dismissals are and how employers are expected to be ‘reasonable’ in how they terminate
  • Examining right to work issues in the UK after Brexit

Who should attend:

  • New and existing HR staff looking for more training
  • Experienced HR staff looking for an update on employment law procedures
  • Staff assigned to HR tasks and responsibilities
  • HR administrators looking to take it to the next level

Main topics covered:

Introduction: the importance of HR

  • The contribution of HR to the company
  • HR roles and responsibilities
  • The essential role of the HR administrator
  • Achieve employment policies and procedures
  • Responsibility for the effectiveness of HR policies
  • Internal relations

The importance of labor law

  • The range of current legislation affecting HR practices
  • Statutory rights vs professional rights
  • Frequency of changes

The recruitment and selection process

  • The business case
  • Identify the job
  • Define the person
  • Right to work issues in the UK after Brexit
  • Attract candidates
  • Candidate assessment
  • Make the selection decision
  • Follow
  • Employment practices and GDPR

Terms and conditions of employment

  • Types of contract
  • Agency staff
  • An employee’s right to written terms
  • Statutory rights
  • Issuance of the contract
  • Vary the terms of the contract
  • Remedies in case of breach of contract
  • Clarification of terms in the absence of a written statement
  • best training

“Family-friendly” rights

  • statutory sickness benefit
  • Maternity leave and pay, and rights during pregnancy
  • Paternity leave and salary
  • Leave and Remuneration for Adoptive Parents
  • Parental leave and family crisis leave

Flexible working rights

  • What Employers Should Do
  • Process requests
  • Issuance of a refusal
  • Handle a call

Discrimination Act

  • Anti-discrimination legislation
  • Definitions of discrimination
  • The Equality Act
  • Remedies for Unlawful Discrimination
  • Establishments

Discipline and dismissal

  • Employee rights
  • ACAS Code of Practice
  • Disciplinary procedure specific to the organization
  • The right to be accompanied
  • The right of appeal
  • Effective folders
  • Conducting disciplinary interviews
  • “Just” reasons for dismissal
  • Constructive criticism
  • Wrongful dismissal
  • Filing a complaint for unfair dismissal
  • The role of the Labor Court
  • Compensation for unfair dismissal
  • Alternatives to a court


Jocelyne Hughes
Freelance consultant

Jocelyn Hughes is a recognized expert in human resource management and personal development, having worked in training and personal development since the early 1980s. A strong believer in training for a reason, she has a hands-on approach to training that aims to provide participants and organizations with content that is easily useful and transferable to the workplace.

Having enjoyed a successful career in training management, she began working as a freelance consultant in 1998, working with large blue chip organizations in the UK and overseas. Jocelyn is widely respected for her experience and expertise. She is a qualified NLP practitioner and is a published author of ‘Contact Center Management’ with Echelon Publishing.

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