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Tony Haydon, Springvale

It’s not Australian
I’m glad Communications Minister Michelle Rowland has intervened in the AFL broadcast rights fiasco. It would be un-Australian if AFL games were not available on free-to-air TV. Footy is the common man’s game. To make it a rich man’s sport would be a kick in the face of the fans who have supported the AFL over the years. AFL matches must remain on free-to-air television. Rupert Murdoch already controls too much of our media, we don’t want an American citizen controlling our football as well. I hope the AFL listens to its fans.

Margaret Ludowyk,

The contradictions at play
The article ″⁣Minister’s tone contradicts climate need″⁣ (29/8) highlights a destructive contradiction. Labor came to power with determination and with clear support from the electorate and independent MPs to take urgent and effective action on climate change. Some of his actions have been in line with this, and done well.
But Resources Minister Madeleine King has returned to the gibberish of the previous government, giving government support for continued gas exploration and discredited carbon capture and storage technology. Australia doesn’t need more gas; we have plenty, but most are exported, creating huge profits for wealthy mining companies who clearly value this arrangement.
The International Energy Agency has said there must be no new oil or gas infrastructure if we are to limit global warming to the target Australia has committed to. The government is accused of blatant hypocrisy – it is not possible to both decarbonise and continue gas extraction. Greenwashing indeed.

Peter Moore, Clifton Hill

Hole in the argument
About duck hunting, Daniel Andrews says: “Some of us play golf. Some people will shoot. It’s a choice they’re free to make,” (″⁣Duck hunting hard at work, internal pressure mounts to ban hunting season″⁣, 3/9). I play golf and despite a few unpredictable wayward strokes, there is never any intent to kill, injure, or maim a creature.
Hunting is entirely different, the sole intent is to kill, injure, or maim helpless creatures that have no say in the matter. Comparing hunting and golf is an entirely false equivalence.

Ross Hudson, Mont Martha

Follow Howard’s Path
When John Howard reversed his “never never” position on a GST, he took the changed position in the election. I’m not a fan of Howard or the GST, but he did the right thing by putting his government on the line to put in place a policy he believed in.
Anthony Albanese and Labor should do the same. They should use this term to develop a comprehensive tax reform policy that ensures the deficit is reduced, quality services are provided, and revenue is collected fairly and efficiently. Then bring that to the elections. Stage three tax cuts are bad policy, but we have to accept them for a year at a cost of $16 billion. While it is Scott Morrison’s politics that are at issue here, it is Albanese’s integrity that is on trial and integrity was the key issue in the 2021 election.

Graeme Henchel, Yarra Glen

enjoy, old bean
I must look so miserable that when presented with my coffee (Letters, 3/9), I am regularly told to ″⁣enjoy″⁣.

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