University student still haunted by the general knowledge he memorized

“I had to start therapy soon after,” Shadman told reporters. “I have friends who have done 10 years of public school, so finding a good therapist was not a problem. But in the first session, when I shared my nightmares haunted by the irrelevant information and inapplicable that I had memorized during my college prep, my Therapist also started to cry. It turns out that as an aspiring BCS candidate in the past, she is actually the CEO of irrelevant GK. took years to let go of his own trauma and accept a life without GK. But now we are both looking for a therapist.”

Shadman was like any other teenager – afraid to resist having his dream trampled on by his parents and too lazy to do anything about it. Peer pressure drew Shadman to science, much like rumored cameos draw Marvel fans to theaters, “In class 10, my best friend got 84 out of 100 in physics while I got 17. Yet, I dared to follow him in science in college. If my best friend is the latest cryptocurrency, I’m the nerd sitting behind a computer and going all-in with my dad’s credit card.”

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While Shadman’s parents took 10 years to give up on their child, Shadman only needed 10 days of class to do the same: “Somewhere around the second week in the middle of my organic chemistry class, I realized that memorizing irrelevant information has always been my dream. My parents had also been supportive of my decision since I was the middle child and they already had an eldest son whose dreams they could butcher. You see, when you have three children in your family, the expectations of parents keep decreasing with each My youngest brother, for example, had all the freedom in the world to pursue anything from music, theater or even sports! Of course, he opted for the BBA.

Now, after 2 years of college, the days of Shadman memorizing GKs from MP3 guides are behind him. However, his nightmares are far from over.

“They keep floating around in my head at night! I only remember these random numbers, digits and years, but I can’t remember which is which. For all I want, the Emperor Akbar probably inaugurated Southeast Asia’s first nuclear power plant on June 23, 1757.”

Psychologists have coined a new term to explain these symptoms: PGSD, or “Post-GK Stress Disorder.”

“Initially found among medical school aspirants and D-unit candidates from different public universities, PGSD reaches its extremes among BCS aspirants. “explains Dr. Sigma Fraud.

Meanwhile, Dr Shingarazzaman, VC of Shahbagh University, explains their meticulous selection process during the entrance exams, saying, “Let’s face it, nobody wakes up one morning and says ‘I want to be a candidate. from unit D when I grow up.’ You settle for this department so clearly ambition is not your cup of tea Where do all the unambitious souls end up with crushed dreams BCS We just prepare our students for the nonsense they should expect in life .

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