Use of AI is increasing despite skepticism about its capabilities, ManageEngine


ManageEngine study finds Australian and New Zealand companies are increasing their use of AI despite the lack of confidence in the capability of the technology.

Survey results show that over 86% of ANZ-based organizations have increased their use of AI technology in the past two years, but over 60% are skeptical of AI performance .

According to Rajesh Ganesan, vice president of ManageEngine, “As AI is given more responsibility and is applied in more business-critical use cases, research from ManageEngine shows that it is ‘a double-edged sword and that more work is needed to embrace the technology and increase internal capacity to ensure it delivers on its promise.

The ManageEngine Digital Readiness Survey 2021 analyzed the use of artificial intelligence and business intelligence technologies among 203 IT professionals working at ANZ in organizations with between 1,000 and 5,000 employees.

Half of those surveyed believe that AI will fall short of expectations and keep its promises. Many employees want to understand how technology will evolve after COVID, in a world of remote working and heightened cyber risk.

“The potential of AI technology to improve business efficiency and the customer experience was clearly visible through 2020, with AI managing everything from increasing customer service volumes to monitoring. self-service processes, ”said Ganesan.

The results also reveal a tendency to rely on analytics to better understand data and increase speed and efficiency, with many organizations investing in business analytics platforms. Organizations seek predictive and prescriptive analytics to predict trends and avoid the effects of future business disruptions.

Research shows that 58% of organizations have increased their deployment of AI to improve analytics. 57% use AI to increase operational efficiency and 54% strive to improve the customer experience.

Data shows that although 87 percent of ANZ organizations have increased their use of cloud services, about half cite increased security (54 percent), improved reliability (52 percent), and better disaster recovery (45 percent). cent) as factors that build confidence in their company’s cloud solutions.

Despite apprehension and only a 25% increase in trust in AI over the past two years, the vast majority (94%) believe in the potential of AI and, ultimately, are convinced that it will meet the needs of businesses despite the perceived risks.

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