Video: “11 times we asked Senator Kiggans why she voted against… the Virginia Fairness In Lending Act. 11 times she refused to answer”

New Reporting by WAVY reveals that Republican Jen Kiggans has voted against a crackdown on predatory lending practices – after stealing nearly $20,000 in campaign funds from the industry.

Payday lenders that are known for grossly overloaded Borrowers and sky-high interest rates are well known exploit purposefully military personnel and veterans. But when Jen Kiggans had the chance to vote for them Virginia Fairness in Lending Lawwhich would tackle predatory lending on short-term loans, Jen Kiggans Voted no.

Virginia veterans may have been left behind by Jen Kiggans’ vote, but their campaign bankrollers received dividends on their investment. During her campaign for the State Senate, Jen Kiggans took over nearly $20,000 in posts from a Republican PAC that got “Significant financial support” from the payday loan industry – and then they voted exactly how they wanted it.

With reporter Andy Fox asked Kiggans, to explain her voice, she literally got up in the middle of the question and walked away, cutting off the interview. As WAVY reports, “11 times we asked Senator Kiggans why she voted against … the Virginia Fairness In Lending Act. Eleven times she refused to answer and made statements unrelated to the reasons why she voted no.”

“When Jen Kiggans was given the choice of protecting Virginia’s veterans or commissioning her campaign donors, she chose her donors.” said DCCC spokeswoman Monica Robinson. “It’s the kind of disgusting ‘pay-to-play’ policy that makes politics so lazy. Jen Kiggans cannot be trusted to speak up for Virginians and she doesn’t deserve to be in Congress.”


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