Viral fever rages in the town of UP near Agra, 32 children die in one week; officials say dengue



A viral fever suspected of being dengue has killed around 40 people, including 32 children, over the past week in Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath visited the city’s government hospital on Monday to review treatment progress and measures taken to prevent dengue.

“There have been almost 40 deaths in Firozabad in the past week. The main cause appears to be dengue, although other causes are also identified. said Agra’s divisional commissioner, Amit Gupta.

“We have stepped up measures to deliver platelets to affected hospitals, and they are also imported from Agra. Inspections are carried out by official teams.

Gupta said viral fever has been reported as a symptom in most of these cases.

The commissioner said some deaths had also been reported to Mathura – which is part of the Agra division – as well. These deaths, however, have been attributed to brush typhus, which, like dengue, is a vector-borne disease, but which is caused by bacteria, not a virus.

Officials said there were not many cases of the viral illness in Agra itself or Mainpuri yet, but the medical service had been urged to remain vigilant.

Government officials and residents of Firozabad – a town about 35 km from Agra and known for its glass industry – said the first cases of fever were seen after Rakhi last week.

“Suspicious cases of dengue have been reported in about eight or nine colonies [in the town]”said Adityanath.” When the medical department found out [of the outbreak], they informed the higher authorities. A separate department has been set up at the Faculty of Medicine.

The chief minister said he had examined the situation personally and requested a report on the causes of the outbreak. “If negligence is found, liability will be assessed,” he said.

Adityanath told reporters 32 children and seven adults died during treatment, both at home and in hospitals. Two of the children had been brought dead to the government hospital, he said.

The chief minister ordered authorities to thoroughly examine all cases of viral fever and send the patients’ blood samples to the Lucknow Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences for examination.

In the pediatrics section of Firozabad Medical College on Tuesday evening, the influx of patients was more than normal. Several parents huddled in covered spaces waiting for the rain to stop, kept medical reports packaged in polythene bags, in addition to water bottles and tiffin boxes.

Tuesday evening, 210 children were admitted in the establishment of 300 beds. Residents and doctors from Kannauj, Etawah and Agra have been assigned to the medical school, which was established only two years ago.

“In children, symptoms start with fever, diarrhea and vomiting,” said Dr Sangeeta Aneja, dean of the Autonomous State Medical College in Firozabad.

“On Tuesday we had 23 positive cases of dengue fever in the hospital. We follow children around the clock and set up blood banks to ensure optimal distribution of blood platelets. There is also a high discharge rate. The next few days will be watched closely, ”she said.

According to Dr Aneja, one of the minors who died in the hospital suffered from asthma; another’s platelet count had dropped dangerously; and a third child had died of aspiration from vomiting.

Children were also being tested for Covid, and so far no patients had tested positive, officials said.

Local people said they had never seen such a severe dengue outbreak in the area.

“In the past two or three days my son had a fever and it was not getting better. he was admitted [to hospital] Tuesday. His platelet count has decreased and we are looking for the corresponding donation. Jayanti Prasad, father of the four-and-a-half-year-old patient, said.

“There is a huge rush… Many children in our village have fallen ill; we’ve never seen this before. It’s a very scary time, ”he said.


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