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The Warren County School Board has approved a series of staff retention bonuses and wage increases that would set the school system’s minimum wage for full-time employees at $ 13. The decision was made at the regular council meeting on November 9.

Acting Superintendent Keith Sutton outlined the plans for retention bonuses and salary increases as part of Phase I of what Warren County schools are calling his best compensation plan.

“We value and appreciate the employees of the Warren County schools,” he said. “We could not serve our 1,734 students without their tireless dedication, flexibility and endless support. I know that their salary is far from compensating them fairly for their time, their energy and the impact they have on the lives of students.

The hourly wage increase would apply to all full-time employees in the school system who currently earn less than $ 13 an hour, including bus drivers, guards, non-teaching and unauthorized school staff. , child nutrition services, maintenance and operations staff, and transportation mechanics, as well as salaried employees who earn the equivalent of less than $ 13 an hour. The increase is effective with this month’s payment.

Sutton told the board that local county funding would be used to cover salary increases, with the help of state funding. He said that once the state budget is finalized, salaries could be increased.

The board approved plan also includes recruitment and retention bonuses for all employees in the school system. Sutton has estimated the cost to the school district at more than $ 285,000, which will be covered by federal funding for emergency aid to elementary and secondary schools. He noted that bonuses are a way to thank school system employees for the extra work they took on during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One-time bonuses for certified personnel (such as licensed personnel, central service personnel, and restart facilitators) will be $ 1,200 for those employed on or before June 1, 2021 and $ 600 for those who are employed by September 1 at the latest. working with the school system between June 1 and November 1 will receive a bonus of up to $ 1,200, prorated to their start date. Payday is scheduled for mid-January.

Premiums for classified personnel (such as bus drivers, guards, non-teaching and unlicensed school personnel, child nutrition services, maintenance and operations personnel, and transport mechanics) will be $ 600 for people employed on or before June 1, 2021. and $ 300 for people employed on or before September 1. Employees who started working with the school system between June 1 and September 1 will receive between $ 300 and $ 600, prorated to their start date. The pay date is scheduled for January 14.

Sutton noted that the difference in the amount of the bonus between certified employees and classified employees is due to the salary increase for all classified personnel.

The other elements of Phase I of the Better Pay program are as follows:

• Teachers, Restart leaders, teaching assistants and others who have been assigned to teach or cover a class this school year that is not part of their regular duties will receive a one-time payment of $ 250 for extra work between the start of the school year. School year 2021 – October 22 and 29, to be paid on January 14.

• For additional courses covered after November 1, these employees will receive $ 25 for each 45 minute course covered and $ 50 for each 90 minute course covered.

• Bus drivers who have traveled additional bus routes between the start of this school year and October 29 will receive a one-time payment of $ 250, payable January 14.

• Bus drivers running additional routes after November 1 will receive $ 20 for each additional route covered.

• Bus drivers will receive a personalized hourly rate of pay when driving an activity bus for field trips, sports or other extracurricular activities, which will be reflected in the November paycheck.

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