Who is CJ’s best girlfriend in GTA San Andreas?


GTA San Andreas players have access to six Girlfriends, but their rewards vary in value.

CJ is not the first protagonist to have a romantic relationship with women. However, he is the first to be able to date more than one at the same time. He even gets it with two of them in the story. Every region of GTA San Andreas has at least one girlfriend. Most of them offer special outfits, vehicles and abilities for the player.

Inevitably, some girlfriends have better rewards than others. For the purposes of this article, it will mainly cover their special abilities. Outfits and vehicles are a subjective matter, but abilities are not. More than a few girlfriends will prove useful in GTA San Andreas. Their abilities can help players in a number of ways.

Who is CJ’s best girlfriend in GTA San Andreas?

Each girlfriend only appears after a specific point in the game. GTA San Andreas isn’t just about story and missions. There are many activities they can participate in. Meeting girlfriends is one of them.

There are incentives with the Dating Mechanic. However, players need to determine which Girlfriends offer the best rewards. They range from the unnecessary to the useful, at least in terms of gameplay. It all depends on the girlfriend. Here are the ones gamers should be looking for in GTA San Andreas.

Katie and Barbara will be exceptionally helpful

Katie and Barbara are involved in nursing and law enforcement, respectively. Their special abilities reflect their careers. GTA San Andreas players will no longer lose their guns if they get wasted or broken. They also do not have to pay any fees or fines.

Losing powerful weapons is rather annoying. Players will either need to search for them again or reload their last save file. Katie and Barbara can bypass these restrictions with their abilities. This will greatly reduce the frustrations of waste or failure.

The only downside is that Barbara only appears in Las Venturas. GTA San Andreas players will have to wait a bit before they can date her. Meanwhile, Katie will be available once San Fierro is unlocked. She has a slight advantage over Barbara, especially since players are more likely to get lost.

Helena can also help the player

GTA San Andreas players should also consider Helena. After going out with her, she will let them into her tool shed. Players will find all kinds of weapons there. This includes pistols, chainsaws, flamethrowers, and Molotov cocktails.

At this point in the story, players will be spending a lot of time in the countryside. These weapons are usable in the early stages of GTA San Andreas. Once exiled here, they should take a trip to Red County. where Helena can be found shooting targets at the local Ammu-Nation.

If nothing else, his weapons are fun to use. Whether it’s a chainsaw attack or a flaming explosion, players can do a lot of damage. Helena also makes it easier to pick up these specific weapons. In particular, it is a little easier to go out with her in the country.

The rest will not provide much service

Despite their small role in the story, Denise and Millie don’t have much to offer. None of them have special abilities. Millie could also be killed to facilitate her mission. The main reason for dating them is for special outfits and vehicles. However, Millie is given in her mission.

Michelle offers free paintings with her auto workshop. It’s a nice little reward, but she’s falling behind the other girlfriends. At this point in GTA San Andreas, players should have enough cash and Pay ‘n’ Spray isn’t going to dig holes in their wallets.

There is also a small problem with his auto shop. If a player attempts to enter with less than a hundred dollars, they will be refused service. Michelle falls right in the middle of the peloton. She’s neither the worst nor the best girlfriend in the game. That said, Michelle provides a goal, but it’s not much.

In summary

Katie, Barbara and Helena are the clear winners here. Their useful capacities cannot be underestimated. However, GTA San Andreas players will only reach Barbara in the last third of the game.

The other girlfriends don’t offer much other than special outfits and vehicles. Denise and Millie don’t offer anything important. Meanwhile, someone like Michelle falls squarely into the middle tier.

At the very least, players can hang out with all the girlfriends if they have nothing else to do. It doesn’t count for 100% completion, but it is a fun side activity. Best friends will definitely make the game easier.

Note: This article reflects the personal views of the author.

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