Who is the best Free Fire MAX character in March 2022?

When it comes to selecting the best character in Free Fire MAX, the three potential candidates are Chrono, Maro, and Thiva. They are some of the most dynamic characters in the game with support and combat abilities.

However, not all three can be winners. Depending on how useful their abilities are in battle, only one may be best for players. Who is it? Keep reading to find out.

Break down Chrono, Maro and Thiva in Free Fire MAX: Abilities and use in combat


The Chrono ability in Free Fire MAX gives the user maximum protection during a firefight. It’s called Time Turner and when activated creates a force field with 800 health that lasts six seconds.

Those within the force field take no damage and cannot shoot those outside. Although the ability is nerfed, users can still use the shield to absorb a lot of incoming fire. However, with a cooldown of 120 seconds, it cannot be used often in combat.

This means players will have to resort to gloo walls in most shootouts while keeping shield as an SOS option. The best time to use the shield is in a do-or-die or late-game situation.


Maro has one of the deadliest abilities in Free Fire MAX. It’s called Falcon Fervor and allows users to deal extra damage from a long distance. With an increase in distance, damage output also increases. It scales up to a maximum of 25%.

This ability is perfect for users who prefer long-range combat and stay a good distance from their target. An additional 3.5% bonus damage is also dealt to an opponent if they have been marked by another ability.

If players are able to do headshots with snipers, a kill will be confirmed. With a little practice and effort, players can dominate the battlefield using just this ability.


Thiva is one of the newest characters in Free Fire MAX. Her ability, Vital Vibes, allows the user to assist downed teammates 25% faster. This is useful in intense combat situations because reviving a teammate is very risky.

If the help is successful, the user will receive 40 HP for their efforts. This free HP can be useful if damage has been taken. Rather than using a medkit, players can heal effortlessly this way.

While this ability is useful, it has no value in singleplayer. Without any teammates to help, no HP will be recovered. Players wishing to use this ability in-game will need to play as a team to get the most out of it.


Given their unique abilities and usefulness in battle, choosing between these three characters will come down to personal choice. However, considering the damage and offensive ability, Maro steals the show in this scenario.

Its bonus damage can be used by most players for any playstyle or in any mode. This makes it very flexible and adaptive. When combined with other support abilities, the user can gain a lot of combat bonuses during the match.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the author only. Abilities mentioned are at maximum character level.

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