Who is the fastest superhero?

While superheroes like Ironman have basic science logic powering their flight abilities, most superheroes seem to have it by default. And nobody’s complaining, after all, it’s their superhuman abilities that make them superheroes in the first place. With quite a few superheroes flying, one wonders who is the fastest of them all. To answer the question, here’s a quick look at some of the fastest superheroes.

Captain Marvel – With fluctuating power levels, Captain Marvel’s top speed can vary greatly. In places like Earth that have an atmosphere, Captain Marvel can reach supersonic speeds. She can fly even faster through space.

Thor – Thor isn’t necessarily known for his flying abilities. However, his hammer was seen flying at high speed quite often. When propelled by his hammer, Thor can reach supersonic speeds in places with an atmosphere. Across the universe, Thor’s hammer can help him reach the speed of light.

makkari – Belonging to an ancient race, Makkari gained high-speed flight abilities by channeling available cosmic energies. This was achieved through many years of meditation. Makkari is ranked among the fastest superheroes.

Glow – It is among the superheroes who use their high speed to save lives and do good to the world. Apart from their flight abilities, Flash has no other major qualities. In Barry Allen’s case (as The Flash), the speed is estimated to be around 2,532 miles per hour (Mach 3). However, Wally West as the Flash is faster than Barry Allen, as seen in The Flash #50.

Superman – The thing about Superman is that he can adapt and increase his powers if needed. Superman has faced The Flash (both Barry Allen and Wally West) in various situations with mixed results. The race is still on between Superman and Flash.

Silver Surfer – With energy derived from Power Cosmic, Silver Surfer can easily reach speeds faster than light. This makes it perfectly suited for inter-galactic travel.

Shazam – Although not as popular as other superheroes, Shazam has a range of super abilities, including high speed. It can reach faster than the speed of light.

super girl – She has the same set of powers that Superman has. This includes the ability to fly at the speed of light. Her flight abilities were showcased in the Arrowverse crossover “Elseworlds”, where Supergirl, along with Flash, slowed the Earth’s rotational speed by circling it at high speed.

Spectrum – She may not be popular as a speedster, but she has the ability to reach high speeds. The spectrum has the power to convert into electromagnetic forms such as visible light. This allows him to reach the speed of light, whenever necessary.

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