Who is the most powerful assassin?

Answer the question “who is the most powerful assassin” in the Assassin’s Creed The series has become more complicated in recent years, thanks to the developer’s decision to pivot into an RPG experience with various abilities. That being said, new skills and the use of artifacts should be included as they are part of the series’ canonical narrative. That doesn’t mean the more traditional characteristics of a master assassin should be forgotten, though.

With a large number of protagonists, antagonists, and secondary characters to choose from, the Assassin Order spans a considerable span of time. This makes contextualizing their skills against the advancement of time another key factor in understanding which character comes out on top when it comes to the most powerful in the series as a whole.

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Ezio remains the best protagonist in the series, but not the most powerful

When assassin’s creed 2 dropped in 2009, players and reviewers alike were stunned by the progress it brought to the existing formula established by the first game. pressing it. This is not only true of their individual backstories, but also of the tactics and abilities employed by Ezio throughout the three main games of the series in which he features.

Aided in large part by the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, Ezio’s journey takes him across the world, snuffing out Templar plots as he goes. He is perhaps the truest Master Assassin and one of the only Order characters to die of natural causes. His real influence lasts through the ages (and most games) as the man responsible for shaping the version of the Order we see today.

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Eivor of Valhalla is a well-rounded and formidable figure

Eivor, the protagonist of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, is one of the most intimidating characters ever imagined by Ubisoft. Canonically a female character, she is seasoned and possesses a rare level of expertise in a wide variety of fields. Although perhaps behind Ezio in terms of stealth, this character shines in melee combat.

According to tradition, Eivor is the mostly human reincarnation of the Isu Odin, leader of the Aesir. Although the history of the Isu connection is complicated, it has unintended effects like shared personality traits, such as a perfectly reasonable fear of wolves. It also ensures that several powers and abilities are shared between the two. While these are unspecified, the ability to control mid-air arrows, massive dual-wielding heavy weapons, and ingenious battlefield upgrades all combine to make Eivor one of the most successful assassins. fearsome of all time.

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Kassandra is quite simply the most powerful assassin to date

When it was announced that the Assassin’s Creed The series would go back to ancient Greece, it was clear that the possibility of incorporating the pantheon of gods and their respective power was there. Kassandra being the canonical assassin of the series, she retains all of those abilities that make members of the Order who they are while adding a bunch of extremely powerful abilities and artifacts to the equation.

Wielding the Spear of Leonidas (actually an Isu Spear of Eden), which at its greatest power granted Kassandra the use of a vast array of abilities, her combat effectiveness is second to none. Capable of slicing through a large number of enemies on the battlefield with a single blow and defeating mythical creatures single-handedly, none can match Kassandra in terms of power. It also helps that she’s the most interesting and likeable protagonist in a game that’s arguably the best of the Ancient Trilogy.

To be fair to everyone who came before it, the addition of abilities that transformed the protagonists into what are essentially demigods makes the playing field a little less than level. As assassins, their basic stealth and movement skills are just the basics, and it’s the powers and skills they acquire in addition to those that set them apart from their peers. With a new game reportedly on the way, it might not be long before a new character enters the discussion.

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