Wilkinson upsets some viewers after knowledge fails on air

By Rugby Assault

Brave England hero Jonny Wilkinson’s apparent lack of knowledge about the Italian team has left some viewers a little miffed. Wilkinson was asked about young Italian 10 Paolo Garbisi, Montpellier’s promising 10 who has turned heads this season and last, to be just last year as well.

Wilkinson did not know him.

Rugby scribe Will Owen was particularly shocked by the zinger of former World Cup winners England 10.

Will Owen noted: “Paolo Garbisi is one of the most promising fly-halfs in the world, and I was intrigued to hear Jonny Wilkinson’s take on him. When ITV asked, Jonny obviously hadn’t heard of him.

“He is paid to talk about the game. On the television. In public. The rugby expert is ass.

The truth is, Wilkinson isn’t as involved in rugby as he once was, and aside from the pundit circuit a few times a year, he’s a lot less involved than many fans might think.

Although he has coached England kickers, he is more likely to lead a life away from sport, which he admitted he struggled to manage as a player.

He’s actually quite into Eastern mysticism and all that kind of stuff.

Either way, we’re guessing he should really know the Italian fly-half if he’s being paid to pry in a Six Nations game.

We still love you Jonny!

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