Will Mercedes take part in the title race in 2022? “The team has depth of knowledge”

It could just be that the order of the grid changes next season. With the introduction of the new regulations, it will be exciting who will be the strongest team in 2022. Gary Anderson believes Mercedes will fight for the championship again.

Mercedes has been the dominant team in Formula 1 for years. They’ve won the constructors’ championship no less than eight consecutive times in the era of hybrids. According to Gary Anderson, it’s hard to doubt Mercedes’ ability to do well after the rule changes.

The team managed to maintain their dominance after the rule change in 2017 with the switch to larger cars with high downforce. Even when the team didn’t have the best car, they often managed to pull themselves into the winner’s position, according to Anderson.

Will Mercedes also compete in 2022?

“Mercedes didn’t have the half-second advantage over others it had before in 2021, but still showed the ability to win many races, so I would expect Mercedes to have them. in-depth knowledge to be up there and fight for the championship with the all new car in 2022 “, Anderson says on the website of The race.

Mercedes will however have to take into account the cost cap. This means that they will have to do as usual with half the money. It will not be an easy task. It also remains to be seen whether the team’s efforts in 2021 have had an impact on the season ahead.

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