Wolverine heads underwater in new X-Force suit


Wolverine has a new costume to help him function underwater as he performs nautical missions in upcoming issues of X-Force and Wolverine.

Wolverines costume is upgraded underwater as he embarks on important missions in upcoming issues of X-Force and his eponymous series. In a new costume that looks straight out of Ridley Scott Prometheus, Wolverine is ready to explore unfamiliar terrain in which he is rarely shown: the ocean. This begs a question not many people have asked, with Wolverine’s regenerative abilities, how does Logan perform underwater?

The current race of X-Force written by Benjamin Percy deals with the living island of Krakoa and the mutant intelligence agency working to protect the nation from undercover agents trying to infiltrate it. As with all islands, Krakoa is surrounded by water, far from Wolverine’s ideal terrain, and he will need a special costume if he is to hope to meet the challenges before him. Wolverine is rarely shown underwater, and for good reason. Even with his healing abilities, Wolverine still needs air to breathe, which means he can still drown. Not to mention, it’s probably harder for Wolverine to swim with a metal skeleton. Logan’s son Daken, who shares his father’s powers, is drowned. On that basis alone, it would be understandable for Wolverine to hesitate about being in the water.

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According to Marvel’s December solicitations, X-Force # 26 will be written by Benjamin Percy with illustrations by Robert Gill, a main cover by Joshua Cassara and a cover variant by Stephen Segovia. The Trouble sees Wolverine joined by Domino and Kid Omega as they brave the waves to retrieve something important stolen from Krakoa. The cover variant shows that Wolvierine will be equipped with a new suit that will be fitted, blue, and will have a transparent helmet illuminated from the inside with a yellow light.

X-Force 26 cover

December will hold even more ocean adventures for Wolverine, as Marvel’s solicitations reveal he will once again travel under the sea in Wolverine # 19, also written by Percy with illustrations by Javier Fernandez, cover by Adam Kubert and cover variant by EM Gist. The solicitation teases that Wolverine will face off against a Leviathan, a huge underwater monster who is “bigger, stronger and older than math thinks.“Logan has already met this creature in X-Force # 16, where he escaped, but now he’s chasing him once and for all.

Wolverine 19 blanket

While Wolverine has been a defender of the island, even he admits that there is something problematic about Krakoa, which has been teased and hinted at in the current series of X-Force and Wolverine books. The solicitation also teases the introduction of a new mutant technology rivaling the Blackbird Jet and promising major ramifications for the future. X-Force problems. Hopefully this new tech and his new suit will protect Wolverine better than the suits worn by the Prometheus crew, but as long as the Leviathan isn’t bleeding acid, he should be fine. X-Force # 26 will be released on December 8, 2021 and Wolverine # 19 will be released on December 15, 2021.

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