Wordle’s Marvel Clone Marvel Tests Avengers Knowledge

A new Marvel-themed Wordle clone has surfaced – the latest in a long and fascinating trend of spin-offs inspired by the word puzzle game.

Another one wordle clone appeared, this time themed around the vast world of wonder called comics Wonder. the New York Times-the detained viral sensation has taken the casual gaming world by storm over the past few months, although the popular publication has recently made some controversial decisions, such as ordering the closure of a World archive.

Despite this change of ownership, wordle continues to inspire a slew of creative spinoffs. These spin-offs kept popping up, with tones ranging from educational to humorous and absurd. There was Worlda geographical version of the game, Quarrelwhich positions itself as wordle with a battle royale twist, and Quordlewho took the basic concept of wordle and multiply it by four. More recently, To survive was released, reversing the wordle formula by having players avoid guessing the correct word rather than struggling to find it. Much like the game that inspired them, almost all of these spin-offs are free to play, which helps them reach a wider audience. There is even a version of wordle available on the Switch which is free for some players.


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Wonder is the latest version of the wackiest side of the wordle world, however. The basic formula of the game is the same: players have six chances to guess a five-letter mystery word, and each guess (ideally) sheds more light on what that mystery word is. The difference with Wonderas the name suggests, is that the mystery word is still somehow tied to the Marvel Universe, making it a solid choice for die-hard fans of the comics, movies, TV shows or iconic video games.

Wordle Archive closed by The New York Times

May this narrower focus make Wonder easier or more difficult is difficult to determine. On the one hand, having a smaller pool of words to guess could make word guessing easier in a way similar to To spellwhich is a children’s version of wordle. Alternatively, however, the more esoteric and peculiar nature of this more specific word pool could make the game much more difficult for those unfamiliar with the wider Marvel Universe.

No matter how difficult, this take on the wordle The formula is sure to interest fans of the original and fans of Marvel content. Viral games tend to inspire imitators, but wordle seems to be particularly suitable for a wide range of different approaches and themes. This wonder version of the game might even end up inspiring more wordle spin-off in the future.

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