World of Warcraft – best hunter building talent tree guide

For the main Hunter tree, kill command is given to you by default if you choose the Beast Mastery or Survival specializations, while kill shot is the default Marksmanship talent and should be the first purchase you make if you decide to start with Beast Master or Survival. This deals a devastating blow to enemies below 20% health which is increased by 5% with Improved Kill Shot.

Improved Repair Pet increases your pet’s healing when used and at maximum investment it can even remove harmful effects. Natural repair will buff your Exhilaration self-healing ability, keeping you in the fight longer – especially if your pet dies and you need a quick pick-me-up.

The survival of the fittest is an excellent damage mitigation ability that protects you and your pet by reducing all damage by 20%. I would take this utility and use it to try and get away from intense situations. tar trap is a solid tool that slows all enemies within 8 yards by 50%, giving you a chance to maintain the distance gap between you and your targets, another great evasion tactic if all else fails.

You will come across your first node, giving you another choice. Sole survivor rreduces cooldown by The survival of the fittest 30 seconds and extends the duration by 2 seconds. Nature’s Endurance increases the damage mitigation of The survival of the fittest additional 20%. In this specific scenario, the reduced cooldown and extended duration are perfect if you often get into trouble or always want to have a quick escape ready, which makes sole survivor the optimal choice.

Camouflage is a great ability if you’re looking to sneak between enemies granting you and your pet a full minute of stealth while healing for 2% of your health per second. If you’d rather enhance Exalted’s glowing healing abilities, then rejuvenating wind will help by increasing healing by 10% per point every 8 seconds.

The talent tree gets a bit more split as we go down into a right and left side. After rejuvenating windwe are heading to the left towards Intimidatewhich allows your pet to stun a target, Link chainsat master of beasts which is a big help as it increases your pet’s damage. This leads to Improved kill command and the bottom choice node for Alpha predator.

On the right we have born to be wild, which reduces the cooldown of Aspect of the Cheetah, Survival of the Fittest, and Aspect of the Turtle by 10% per point, helping you escape the clutches of death. More importantly, it gives you access to Sentinel, which allows you to attack all targets in a certain area while ignoring line of sight. For every 200 Focus spent, you get 1 second of the ability up to a maximum of 12 seconds. Finally, we complete the rest of the capabilities with Master sniper and snake bite, applying both bleed and poison damage over time to your target. You can then end this tree by typing either Latent Poison Injectors Where Hydra Bite – the only problem is that you really need to be aware of the frequency of use barbed shot, so as not to accidentally use any Latent Poison Injectors‘ Battery. That’s why I suggest Hydra Biteas it fires two extra arrows at enemies around your target and deals extra damage.

Beast Mastery Tree

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